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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kid Stuff

The kids are really having fun playing together lately. We love watching them interact and learn to be little friends. The twins are really interesting and fun to watch. They always want to be together. Just this morning, Ben woke up about a half hour before Jack and he just kept asking, "Where Jackie, Mama? Find it? Find Jackie?" And when Jack woke up first after naps the other day, he was yelling, "Wake up, Ben! Wake up!" They chase each other all over yelling, "You're it!" and create all kinds of mischief together. For example, you can take all the cushions off the couch and play Jumping Bean (their favorite game- introduced to them by their aunt, Jen). But Jumping Bean can be very tiring, apparently.

Last weekend, Katie brought Lily over for a visit and it was warm enough to get the kids out on the deck to play with bubbles and the rice table. Poor Lily had an unpleasant experience before she realized that the rice is to play with, not to eat.

Even Bean came over to play for a bit.

And, of course, the playdate ended with some snacks for four!

The kids love Lily. They get so excited when I tell them that she is coming. Mairead still calls her "baby sister," and has also added 'Silly Lily' to her nicknames. It's great to have a cousin so close in age and so close by!

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