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Monday, February 7, 2011

Curious Creatures

We were finally able to get back to our Monday morning playgroup today after not going for almost a month. Snow, freezing temperatures, holidays, and mediation have kept us away. We picked a great day to return, though, since there was a special presentation by Curious Creatures. Jack and Ben had zero interest in the animals, which was very surprising to me, but Mairead was absolutely in heaven. She LOVED it. She did so well with sitting in the circle, though I did have to hold her back since she wanted to run right up to the man demonstrating and get involved. She was awesome about waiting her turn and listening to the presentation. I was so proud of her! Of all the kids there, she was the most visibly excited. She was jumping up and down, cheering, etc. When the man presenting asked, "Do you want to see another creature?" She would yell, "Another creature? Yay! Another creature" It was SO fun to watch- I just loved it.

She has NO fear. The only thing she didn't want to touch was the tarantula (smart girl). She said it was 'prickly.' She had no problem, however, touching the giant python.

These kids are pretending to be trees to catch a flying squirrel.

The pictures are not great because I was trying to hold the camera while simultaneously holding Mairead steady AND keeping an eye on the boys. But, this is a shot of an Australian tree frog on Mairead's outstretched hand.

She loved holding the smaller snake. She said there was a 'giant snake and a little snake.'

Here, she is trying to free the skunk. She was saying, "Come out, Mommy? Skunk come out?"

The best part of the day was when she actually got to ride the tortise. It was pretty awesome to see! Only 3-4 of the kids wanted to do it, but she made it pretty clear to the man demonstrating that she would do pretty much anything so he asked her first. She was over the moon about the whole thing.

It was very cool to see her so happy and excited. It was also great to finally get out of the house!


Joseph "Connor" said...

OMG I'm so jealous! That looks like SO much fun! She looks like she was overjoyed about the whole thing - her facial expressions are priceless! What a great experience for her!

katiec said...

So Cute! I'm predicting a Curious Creatures bday party in her future!

Terry Family said...

How fun!!!

The Plateniks said...

Will thinks it's "really great" she touched a snake and road a turtle. He wanted to know if the Animal Rescue Center was there with Diego.