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Monday, January 10, 2011


Yesterday was my 35th birthday... I can't believe how time is flying! It's not my birthdays, though, that make me feel that way, it's Mairead and the boys' birthdays that really make me wish I could stop the passage of time. All three kids are so fun right now and they are so sweet. I want them to grow up and be healthy and happy, but I just don't want it all to happen too soon!

I had a great day with my family. I also received so many kind phone calls, texts, emails, and facebook messages... thanks, everyone. I feel so loved! We had a big dinner last night to celebrate and Katie made one of her famous cakes. The real party, though, was the dance party that Jen, Mairead, and Lily had.

Mairead ran up to Jen and said, "How 'bout 'shake shake sanora'? That would be "Shake, Shake Senora" or 'Jump in the Line' by Harry Belafonte. Jen played it for Mairead when she was younger than Lily is now, and since then Mairead has loved it. Now, she knows to request it whenever Jen comes over. Poor Jen got her exercise dancing with the girls for over an hour. Mairead loves her aunt and just can't get enough time with her. She was nice enough to share Jen with Lily, too, which was nice to see.

Yet another picture of one of our kids in front of an adult beverage. I swear, they don't get any samples!

Thanks to everyone who was able to make it for dinner last night. I had a fun night out with some of my favorite ladies on Friday, Dave took care of everything yesterday and let me sleep in, and my kids were able to say 'happy birthday.' Mairead helped me blow out the candles and sang to me... what more could I ask for?


Joseph "Connor" said...

Ok, Mairead is seriously adorable with her hair like that! Looks like your birthday was loads of fun!

Terry Family said...

Happy Birthday! As the years pass life seems to get sweeter by the day!