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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Quick Trip to Parlee Farms

This weekend, we had a special visit from Aunt Ry, Uncle Dave, and Rachael. Aunt Ry has had to work the past few weekends and they just needed a little break, so they came to enjoy the foliage and visit us! We love to see Mairead and Rachael play together, so we were thrilled that they could spend some time with us. We were so busy chasing kids, though, that I didn't get any pictures!

Thanks for visiting us, we hope to see you soon!

After our visit ended on Sunday morning, we needed a way to get out and enjoy the beautiful fall weather. Luckily, some friends had planned a trip to Parlee Farms and we were able to join them at the last minute.

Mairead loved the goats- she has no fear of animals at all and just runs right up to them. Jack hung back a bit and wanted me (or Becky) to hold him, and Ben mostly just ran around saying, "I see puppy." Jack was too funny with our friend, Becky. I was holding both boys so she offered to help and took Jack. He literally studied her face for a minute and then snuggled into her shoulder, so he must have decided that she was ok.

Ailish's dad helped her to feed the goats.

The kids spent pretty much the entire outing running in three different directions. Unfortunately, this did not leave a lot of time for Mom and Daddy to chat with their friends. We apologize to them for being MIA most of the time!

Jack did not really see why it was so great to take handfuls of hay and throw them in the air while older children jumped over us as they ran over the haystacks.

Ben, of course, DID see the value in throwing the hay and loved it.

Ummm, still not seeing it.

Mairead thought it would be fun to cover Daddy with the hay.

This looks like a cute picture of Mairead sitting in a field. It is actually a picture of Mairead sitting in a field where she is not supposed to be, and refusing to come with her mother. Sigh. I feel like we always look inept as parents while we are chasing them all over creation. I try to remember that most parents don't have three kids so young, and that Mairead's communication issues make things harder, but still... even fun family days are hectic.

Thanks to the Donahue and Luz families for being so understanding about our having to run all over the farm to chase kids. We would have loved to spend more time with you and your adorable kids!

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The Plateniks said...

at least she looks cute being disobedient...and I love the one of the boys really running in opposite directions. Adorable, as always.