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Friday, September 17, 2010


At 7:10 this morning, I awoke to the sounds of Ben jumping on his bed and yelling, "Outside! Outside!" Unfortunately for both of us, it's a rainy day today so we are stuck in the house. So, after lunch, we had 'Art Time,' according to Mairead, and we tried painting. Mairead is quite an accomplished painter, but this was a first for Jack and Ben. They had fun with it and only tried to eat one or two bites.

Just to be difficult- Ben is on the left and Jack is in blue.

So serious about her work.

After about 20 minutes of painting, Mairead announced, "And, snack time!" Maybe snack time is after art time at school... who knows? She had a good week at school and we can already see a difference in her. The more structure she has, the more her language improves. We are hoping that school does great things for her! When I brought her yesterday, I told her we had to bring her backpack to her cubby. She led me over to it, pointed to the correct hook, and said, "That one." She then helped me to hang the bag on the hook before running off to play. This is all new for her, so I was very happy to see that! Also, when she arrived, a very cute classmate named Amelia said, "Yay, it's Mairead!" I was so happy that she is making little friends. This is a huge concern of mine because since her language is not as strong as other kids', I worry that they will get frustrated or bored with her and not want to be her friend. So, seeing another little girl excited to see Mairead was very exciting for me!
The boys are great. They are into trouble a lot, but they are so much fun right now. Their language is unbelievable- they have new words and phrases every day. They love to give each other hugs and they comfort each other when one is crying. They also fight to the death over toys, but I guess that is to be expected.
Have you eve wondered how many cards are in a box of Trivial Pursuit Questions? The answer is a lot. An awful lot, when you have to pick each one up off the floor.

Double trouble!

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