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Thursday, September 9, 2010

First Day of Preschool

Today, Mairead offically became a preschooler. It was both exciting and scary-- for me, and probably for her, too! She was having fun dancing with Nana before we left, and she knew that she was going to school. We got her all dressed up in classic 'first day of school' knee socks and a plaid skirt, and she looked adorable.

When we got to school, she was happy to be back there and to see the other kids and fun activities. She even carried her little backpack all by herself.

Apparently, preschool is exhausting.

She is smart enough to know that such a special occasion merits a special treat, and immediately asked for fries when we got in the car.
Drop off went off without a hitch. She was used to being dropped off for 'school' at Early Intervention, so I think that made it easy. She was doing a puzzle when I left and gave me a kiss goodbye before starting her day. I was thankful that she seemed quite content to stay there and that she views school as such a positive. With two teachers for parents, we hope that all of our kids view school as a GOOD thing!
Her teacher said that she had a good day and she did, "ok." She explained that getting Mairead to stop what she was doing and come join the other kids was difficult. I knew that this would be a really tough area for Mairead, so I wasn't surprised by this. Of course, I want the teacher to tell me that everything went perfectly and Mairead was perfect, but I know that it is going to take some time for Mairead to adjust to the rules, and for the teacher to adjust to Mairead. This is a private preschool that typically does not work with kids who have unique needs like Mairead does, so we are just hoping it is a good fit and things work out well for everyone.
The teacher was impressed with Mairead's drawing skills and her attention to reading books, so those were positives. It's funny, even though I am well aware of the areas in which Mairead struggles, it is really hard to hear it from someone else, or to see other kids having such an easy time doing things that Mairead is not yet capable of. Two moms were talking about how their kids wanted to get married and have a wedding in a church and have 8 babies. It was a very sweet story, but it was hard to hear about all the fun and adorable conversations that other three year olds are having while conversations are still not part of our world. Also, these little ones were planning their futures, and we are so uncertain about what Mairead's future holds. We know that she is a smart and beautiful little girl who is loved by more people than she can count. And, we know that everyone in her life will do anything they can to help make sure that her future is a bright one. Thanks, everyone.


The Plateniks said...

she is so beautiful! are you sure she went to preschool and not 3rd grade? Will is always exhausted after school, too. Did the boys miss her while she was gone?

katiec said...

I LOVE the picture of her on the kitchen floor! I'm sure she'll adjust to the school and it will be a big help for her to be with all of the other kids!

Terry Family said...

She looks so cute!! I just love her skirt and socks! Nathan started school today too and fell asleep in the car on the way home! On another note, I know how you feel. I live it too. :-)