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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More Beach Days

We have been having a lot of fun on the Cape and have been lucky enough to get some great weather. My family has been hugely helpful with chasing the kids around, and the kids are having a blast with their relatives.

For example, Jen carved the entire alphabet out of apples just for Mairead. Pretty cool.

Lily is a beach bum.

Jack and Ben are, as usualy, approaching things with entirely different styles. Jack prefers to be held or to sit in a beach chair like and old man and have a drink. Ben wants to run down the beach at top speed.

Mairead keeps insisting that Daddy "make a pit."

Poor Jack had sunscreen and sand in his eyes.

So, can you tell that Ben had an Oreo?

Please- no more pictures!

This is the first time the boys had ever seen a Reese's Peanut Butter cup. Jack did not trust it.

Ben was about half way through his before Jack even dared to touch it.

Mairead is in LOVE with this turtle float.

She insisted on taking a nap IN the float yesterday.

We are having a great time! Dave and I are exhausted, but the kids are having fun and making some great memories.

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Terry Family said...

That's hysterical that Mairead wanted to nap in the float! I also love how different the boys are ~ they are super cute! Those blue eyes are just stunning! Looks like your having a great time! I'm glad you have family to help, I can't imagine how difficult it would be for you and Dave to chase them around by yourselves! I get exhausted with one!