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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pictures on the Pony

Today is Mairead's last day as a two year old. This day is full of mixed emotions as we are amazed to see our little girl growing up so quickly, and we are so grateful for how far she has come. We are saddened by the fact that she has to end her fantastic experiences with Early Intervention, and we are anxious about what the future holds for her. I am also sappy because my baby girl is growing up all too quickly.

We had a good way to end life as a 2 year old, though, with a beautiful sunny day at Ironstone Farm. Mairead truly loves this therapy and we are working with the great people at the farm to try to arrange for therapy through our insurance since EI cannot cover her any more. I am hopeful that we can work something out because it has done a world of good for her.

Just a few pictures of my baby girl having fun on the horse!

Her therapist, Rebecca, is terrific, and there are so many kind volunteers who work at the farm to help the kids with their therapy sessions. It's an amazing place.

She LOVES it when the horse trots, but she always uses one hand to hold on to her helmet when the speed picks up.

Thanks for checking in with us- more tomorrow on life with a THREE year old!


The Plateniks said...

She looks so natural up there! Happy Birthday to Mairead!!! We love you!

Terry Family said...

These pictures are so nice. I like this blog design too. I'll experiment myself at some point too.

Happy Birthday Mairead! I love watching you grow, learn and just experiencing life through your blog. Have a great day sweetie! xxxooo

Joseph "Connor" said...

We should arrange a day where we BOTH go on horses - I'd love to see both of them on one. Happy birthday to Mairead! I cannot believe she's 3!