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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Last day at 'School'

Today was Mairead's last day at 'school' at Early Intervention. We have been calling it 'school,' and she has loved it! This picture is from her very first day in January.

And today for her last day. We are sad to see this program come to an end because she loves it so much and we know how much it has helped her. Also, her teacher, Mary, has become very special to Mairead. We are really excited about her new preschool in the Fall, but EI has been so great to us and I know she will miss it.

On a positive note, how stinkin' cute is this girl?

These are just a few cell phone pictures from out at the pool.
Juice boxes by the pool... life is good.

I know this looks bad, but I really don't think Ben is trying to push Jack's head into the sink.

This was Mairead's first visit to an ice cream stand. Seemed like the best thing ever. You just walk up to a window and they give you ice cream. I took her to Meadowlands one night when she was insisting that we go in the car. We were driving around and she said, "Find music on the radio. In the backseat." She definitely got that from Blues Clues, but it was great to hear her say all of that and to make connections.

Mairead kept scooping ice cream out of the dish and adding it to the top of her cone. Not a bad idea, actually.
She is learning so much, lately, which we are thrilled about. She still has a long road ahead of her and hopefully we will find some help from our neurologist and eventual neuropsychologist. Also, we are hoping to make some progress with the schools once September rolls around. In the meantime, we are hearing longer phrases and sentences from her, which is great.
Jack and Ben are also learning a lot. Jack has more phrases (more bye bye, where's the bird, me down, I see cat, etc), but Ben is really great at following directions (ironic, in a way). If you say, "go get your car," he will go and look for it. He does say a lot of words, too, but spends more of his time climbing on the furniture.
Thanks for checking in with us!

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Terry Family said...

I'm sure going through her last day was difficult. I know it will be for us too. But, there are brighter days ahead! Love the pictures!