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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer is Here!

Summer officially began for us this past weekend. Dave is home with us on school vacation and I can't tell you how great that is. The kids love having him home, and so do I! Mairead will sometimes grab Dave's hand and mine and say, "Mom! Daddy!" She seems to know that it is special for him to be home so much.

Just because it's summer doesn't mean that we are slowing down at all. We actually added swim lessons for the boys this week. We can't take pictures because Dave and I are both in the pool, but it's just as well because they HATED it, especially the first day. They are starting to come around but we have just one day left. I hope they warm up to it because we plan to spend a lot of time at the pool this summer!

While Dave and I took the twins to lessons, Christin really helped us out by babysitting Mairead. She even took her swimming one day and then to a playdate with Ailish. Christin has been a HUGE help this week- thanks, Christin!

One reason the boys may not have enjoyed the pool so much is because they had nasty reactions to their MMR vaccines. They had fevers for 4-5 days and then broke out with a rash. Ben had the worst of it, looking like he had the measles from head to toe. They have been pretty cranky the past few days. The reaction coupled with the heat has made for some grouchy babies!

We did have a great Father's Day weekend before the fevers really got in our way. We spent a lot of time playing outside with the kids and enjoying the weather. Dave is such an amazing dad to our kids and they just love him to death. Mairead is especially cute with him. And, we are lucky enough to have a great Grampy right here in the house with us, and a Grandpa waiting for us in New York. We also think of Dave's dad on that day and wish he was here to see our family.

Even though it was Father's Day, the kids got a new present- Nana and Grampy gave them a sandbox that can actually fit all three of them!

We also keep up with their weirdness. Jack was holding this tupperware in his teeth and humming.

Ben, as we all know, loves to play in the recycling and found his way under the cabinet to the mother load of the recycling bin.
Hmmmm.... here's a nice piece of garbage...

Our bathing beauty dragged Daddy into the freezing cold pool several times. He must love her very much.

She did sit in the kiddie pool a bit, but now demands "rectangle pool, no circle pool." Now that she has had a taste of the big time, there is no going back.

Dave and Jack had some quality time together.

The boys have been practicing learning to feed themselves. I'm still not quite sure how much goes in their mouths...


Mairead got her hands on Nana's glasses the other day. I actually think she looks a lot like me, here. Plus, I often wear my glasses upside down and have cookie on my chin.

A fun Father's Day activity was this new tee-ball set. Daddy taught Mairead how to use it. Mostly, she wanted Dave to hit the ball far, and she would yell, 'Yay, great job!"

I hope that everyone is enjoying the summer as much as we are!

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Terry Family said...

These are all great pictures! I'm glad that Dave is now home for the summer! What a blessing to be a teacher!

Good luck with the swim lessons and self feeding with the boys! lol

Happy Father's Day Dave!!