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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mother's Day Do-Over

It is well documented on this blog that we like to celebrate our holidays pretty much whenever we feel like it. The latest 'Fake' Holiday is Mother's Day. This one wasn't really our fault- Nana was still in the hospital and was very sick for Mother's Day, so we pushed back the celebration until everyone could enjoy it.

We had a very low key evening with just the 10 of us (like the tv show) and our kids, some food, drinks, and time with the little ones. We hung out on the porch for drinks and appetizers and to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Can you believe how big Lily is getting? On Friday night, Dave and I took our three kids AND Lily out for a walk. The neighbors were probably thinking, "they had another one? What are they, nuts?"

As usual, Jen and Mairead found time for shenanigans, this time in the form of paper boxes.

Mairead LOVES Emmett. In fact, if Brian comes to the house without Emmett or Christin, Mairead gets upset. She had a great time chasing him around the yard. Or he chased her... one of those...

Aaaaannnd, here are my sons in the recycling bin. Have I mentioned how much they love recycling? They will fight to the death over an empty milk jug. It is unbelievable. A few weeks ago, we went to visit Dave at school. We were in his classroom for five minutes when Ben found and explored the recycling bin. If one boy has a coke bottle, I have to make sure to give the other a juice bottle so that no one is left out. I really can't get over their love of garbage.

Katie and Steve brought the Margarator over to help with the festivities.

Here's Ben after eating ONE Oreo. Nice.

Quality time with Daddy.

Ok, now for the best part. Katie and Steve brought over the Margarator so that we could make margaritas. Mairead was 'reading' the box and pointed out all of the letters. I told her that it spelled 'margarita'...

Hey, we are teaching her to read and to spell... don't judge us...


Joseph "Connor" said...

Like mother like daughter....

3G's said...

Save that one for her 21st birthday!