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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


On Saturday, Grandma, Aunt Ry, and Rachael made the drive out to see us for the afternoon. It was great to see everyone again! We lucked out and had a totally gorgeous day to enjoy, so we made the most of it and headed outside after a great lunch (thanks, Grandma and Aunt Ry!).

Ry spent some time with Jack in his favorite spot- the sandbox.

Mairead led Grandma around to show her all of the fun things to do in the yard.

Grandma brought the kids some really cute spring clothes, including spring jackets for the boys, which they very much needed. I am waiting for the right time to put away all of their winter clothes and just organize their summer stuff. Unfortunately, the weather is still pretty unpredictable right now. I may just decide that the cold weather is over and put their things away. I am ready for warm weather!
Speaking of warm weather, it has been VERY warm here the past few days. Mairead lucked out and was treated to an ice cream cone from My Nana yesterday. She did manage to get most of it in her mouth, it just doesn't look that way.

The kids are having a lot of fun in the warm weather. We have made a couple more trips to the playground, though it is getting a little tougher for me to go alone since Ben has discovered that he can climb the steps to the slide. I spend the whole time running between giving Mairead a push on the swing, preventing Ben from trying to walk down the slide, and taking other people's juice boxes away from Jack. Oh, and whenever a family leaves, Ben starts to toddle after them thinking maybe they are going someplace fun. I get my exercise, that's for sure!
We have pretty much resumed our walks, though the unpredictable weather sometimes puts a damper on things. I can never chance being caught in a rainstorm when we are a mile from home with just a stroller to get us back!
The twins are doing so much lately. They play in the yard, sit in their kiddie pool, and play cars and trucks consantly. They are so cute- the other day, I fed them a popsicle. They each stood with a hand on my knees and took turns having a lick.
Mairead is doing really well, too. Her latest and greatest accomplishment is that she can tell you the name of her street! She is very proud of herself. If you ask, "what is the name of Mairead's street?", she very carefully says, "Hair. Mount. Street!" So cute!
Her evaluation date with the Lowell schools is on May 24th. They will conduct some tests with her and an 'interview' of sorts with me to determine what (if any) services she requires. We are crossing our fingers that they can see in a short time how bright our little girl is, but how much she needs services. Early Intervention ends at age 3, so pre-school is the logical next step for her. In Lowell, kids can go to pre-school at age 4, not 3. Only kids on IEPs can go at age 3, so that is what we are trying to put in place for Mairead. Say a prayer or send us good thoughts so that she qualifies for services. The next step would be to try to get her a place in the closest elementary schools, but we'll worry about that later.
Thanks for checking in!

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The Plateniks said...

I have been reading up on you guys...just not commenting! I love the stories about the kids and their accomplishments, especially Mairead's great milestones lately...so cute about her being happy seeing the car and naming her family members. Hope to see you guys in June.