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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's the Little Things

With all that we have going on with Mairead right now (not to mention PT for the boys and the challenges of raising three kids under three), it's important to focus on all that we have to be thankful for every day. It's the little things in life that are important, and we have three little things in particular who are very important to us!

The past few days have actually been warm enough to enjoy going outside! Dave and I have piled the kids into the stroller and gone for a few walks, and Jack and Ben had their first taste of exploring the oustide world on their own. Last time it was warm enough to go out, they were too little to crawl around.

Now, they can do fun things like play with sticks.

They were a little confused as to where we were or what we were doing out in the yard, but they liked exploring the new territory.

Jack kept looking back at us as if to be sure we were really going to let him play with all of the sticks he kept finding.

Both boys raced to Grampy for a little fun.

Nana, the athlete of the family, showed Mairead how to shoot some hoops.

Since I am NEVER in pictures or on the blog, I thought I'd show you that I cut about 6 inches off my hair last week. I almost backed out at the last second but I needed a change and I am really happy with it. Forgive me for how tired I look- this was the day of Mairead's evaluation and it was a long one for me.

Inside the house, the kids find all kind of mischief to get into. The boys love tv remotes, the batteries in tv remotes, electrical cords, the vacuum, anything in the recycling bin, and the cats.
The other day, they found a new use for their walkers.

Mairead thinks it's fun to take a rest in Lily's crib (wee's crib, she calls it).

One cat, Molly, is very patient and seems to enjoy having the boys pet her.

Their favorite thing to do is to pull EVERY diaper and wipe from the changing table. I guess Ben got tired of waiting for someone to change him, because he looks like he is about to do it himself.
Pants on the ground... pants on the ground...
Mairead had fun playing in the sink while Nana cleaned the bathrooms.
We haven't been as crafty lately, but here are our latest two creations. She liked these. I made the roof, door and windows, etc for the house, but she glued all of the parts onto the paper.
She REALLY liked this one. We did it last week and when I brought out the construction paper today, she said, "Ice cream?", so we did another one today.
I do realize just how lucky I am to be home with the kids and to be watching them grow. They are all doing such fun stuff. For example, if you ask Jack if he has a bad cough, he will reply with a little fake cough! I need to get video of that. Ben loves remotes and will seek them out. Once he finds one, he will frantically wave it at the tv and press buttons to see if anything will happen. Both boys start dancing when they hear music. Ben is standing unassisted and is not too far from walking. Jack's PT is definitely helping him get stronger and he is cruising really well.
Mairead is saying new words and phrases all the time, which is fantastic. Today, my mom started to count and said "One," and Mairead jumped in with "dos, tres!" I think we have watched Dora about 5 times in her entire life, so I am not sure where the heck that came from, but I thought it was pretty cool! She understands that 'One, two, three" means the same as "uno, dos, tres," so I know that her little brain is working overtime, and hopefully the therapies she will receive will help her to let all of that information out.
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Joseph "Connor" said...

You can spot a mom who's been cooped up with her kids all winter - they're all out on the nice days! We had fun outside, too! I love the pics of the boys under their walker. It's like a fort! :) PANTS ON THE GROUND!

The Plateniks said...

Sesame Street teaches that counting! Will calls little lambs "Ovejita" and it took me forever to figure out THAT one was from Sesame Street. I love the matching polo shirts on the boys and can't wait for more outdoor photo ops...bet you can't either.

3G's said...

Maghan - you are blessed with three beautiful children, not to mention the amazing support that surrounds you. You are not only a phenomenal "Mommy" but a beautiful person inside and out. Stay positive and enjoy your blessings!

katiec said...

I love the ones under the walker! Just wait till they can build real forts! Their uncle Brian is a professional, he can teach them! And of course, the one of Mairead in Wee's crib, so sweet.