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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Fun

Look what Mairead brought home from school the other day-- a valentine for Mom and Daddy! We just love it- it is hanging on our fridge right now! A few hours after I hung it up, Mairead walked in to the kitchen and saw it and said, "wow, pretty!"

We had a lot of fun on our Valentine's Day this year. In the morning, Dave and I packed up the kids and took them to the Winter Party thrown by the Mothers of Multiples Club that I belong to. It was at a local indoor sports center and it was great! There were 19 sets of twins, 1 set of triplets, and lots of siblings at the party, so it was very cute. Mairead LOVED it. There was a ton of open space to run, and she definitely needs that since we have been cooped up inside so much.

The boys did have fun, but at first they were VERY unhappy. The turf was that artificial grass, and they did NOT like the feel of it.

You can see that Jack wouldn't let his hands touch it at all, and Ben was skeptical about it, too. It took probably 25 minutes for them to try crawling.

Ben did like pulling up and seeing the other baby in the plexiglass that surrounded the field.

Mairead had fun climbing through the tunnels, running around, and throwing a beach ball to Daddy.

When we came home, Mairead helped me to make some Valentine's cupcakes. She took her job very seriously and stirred some batter for about 20 minutes.

All that work was well worth it when the cupcakes were ready to eat!

Jack was happy to sample the cupcakes.

And, of course, Ben was happy to eat whatever was in front of him.

As if that weren't enough Valentine's Day fun, the next day, we received a special package from Grandma and Grandpa. Mairead loved the princess puzzle and the coloring books. She spent a long time fitting the pieces together.

Jack and Ben received great little books, but when I was taking pictures, they were covered head to toe in spaghetti, so they didn't get their chubby little hands on the new presents until after bath time!

Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa for the fun gifts!

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Terry Family said...

Don't you just love those suprise school projects! They're keepers for sure! I know I shouldn't laugh, but it's super cute the boys didn't like the turf! Who could blame them?