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Friday, January 29, 2010

She's Crafty...

Lately, Mairead and I have been doing a project most days during the week. She is actually really good about using glue, etc, so it has been fun.

This week, we did C is for Caterpillar first. She has a stuffed caterpillar that is one of the 25 friends who have to be in her crib to sleep at night, so I brought him down to the kitchen for the project as an example.

I just drew a huge 'C' on paper and put glue inside the C. I gave her the pom-poms and showed her how to stick them into the glue. She had a great time with it while I fed the boys.

After the project was complete, we read a book about caterpillars. I am still a teacher at heart, of course.

This is the finished product- not bad, huh?

Today, I let her use the laptop to play on a site called www.kneebouncers.com. Moms- it is a lot of fun for toddlers and uses shapes, colors, and numbers to play games. All the toddler has to do is press a key and things on the screen change, play music, count, etc. She had a blast-- she didn't want to give the laptop back to me!

Earlier this week, we made snowmen out of cotton balls. She liked this one because she had just made a real snowman with Grampy last weekend.

I hope all of my pre-school/elementary school teacher friends are proud of us!
Finally, we did 'D is for Duck.' Again, I just drew the letter and glued on a beak. Then, I put glue inside the 'D' and let Mairead stick the feathers on. She added the eyes at the end- that was her favorite part.

She really is a lot of fun right now. She is still going to 'school' once a week and is enjoying that. The boys are doing well, except that right now they both have double ear infections-- two babies with two ear infections makes life a little more hectic and includes a lot more whining, but they seem to be feeling better today.
Thanks for checking in!


John and Michelle said...

I remember doing fun little projects like this with my preschoolers. It looks like she is loving it!!

The Plateniks said...

Good job, Teach. You may think Mairead doesn't sit still long but Will is a terror with the glue. Things get glued places I never wanted them glued. We tried kneebouncers today but he banged on the keyboard. I can't wait for them to play again someday.

Terry Family said...

What a crafty mommy you are!!! I'm going to do the similar projects when Nathan gets to this cognitively appropriate stage. I truly feel that Nathan, like most children, are visual learners and these types of projects help them immensely. Plus, they can provide a visual memory of the letter and make the association. AWESOME job mom!