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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fall Family Fun

When we returned from NY, we were lucky enough to have some very warm November weather. That worked out well for my dad and Dave who had millions of leaves to rake, and for Jen who came over to help. It also worked out great for Mairead who found all of these great big piles of leaves all ready for her to jump in!

I love this picture- it's one of my favorites of her... Nothing like being a kid and experiencing pure joy from jumping in a pile of leaves.

Jen showed Mairead how to hide in the piles.

And how to get out.

She loved it- and looked adorable. The hat was made by Mairead's Grandma, and the sweater was made by the grandma of one of my students.

Throwing leaves up in the air is fun, too. Even if Daddy and Grampy just raked them into nice neat piles.

Mairead loves to go down to My Nana's house to visit- but she was sleeping when we tried that day.

She also loves to play in the bird bath. She says, "Oh, here's your birds!"

We brought the boys out to get some fresh air for a few minutes.

As you can see, both wondered what the hell we were doing out there!

The kids are doing great- they are all feeling (and sleeping) SO much better in the past few days. That is great news for Mom and Daddy! Ben is a crazy crawling machine and now pulls up to stand. Lord help us- he is not very good at getting down, so that is a problem. Jack army crawls and occasionally gets up on all fours. Both are saying, "Mama" and I have heard a few "Dada"s here and there, too. They LOVE food and eat often. They also love zooming around in their walkers, trying to steal Mairead's markers, and playing together.
Mairead has a new favorite show- WonderPets. Yesterday, she started singing part of the theme song! It was really cute- she gets the intonation and tune right and everything! But it has already been established (by me) that she is a genius, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. She never ceases to amaze us!
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Joseph "Connor" said...

Joey thinks the wonder pets should die in a fire. Connor has been doing the same thing while watching them- he'll try to say "teamwork" just like they do on the show.

Terry Family said...

These pictures of Mairead are beautiful! I love the hat and sweater ~ she looks adorable. Can't believe your babies are mobile (almost both)! Is that possible?