Thank you all for sharing in the lives of our three amazing children- Mairead, Jack, and Ben. We hope you visit often!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pumpkins, Pals, and Pictures at Parlee Farms

On Sunday, we took the kids to Parlee Farms in Tyngsboro and we had a great time! I highly recommend their cider donuts! We have been planning to take the kids for a while, and as it worked out, we were able to get a whole crew together. Thanks to Jen, Katie, Steve, the Donahues, and the Luzs for joining us! It was great to see everyone- especially Ailish and Brady. If you don't know them- Ailish is just four months younger than Mairead, and Brady is about 6-7 weeks older than the boys. They are all set for little friends!

Our first stop at the farm was the pumpkin patch. We tried to get some good ones of all three kids, but the one at the top of the blog is the only one with Mairead remotely looking at the camera. She cannot be bothered with the mamarazzi. The boys tried to sit up for their photo shoot- suppported by pumkins, of course.

We did have a little bit of falling over... (Jack on the left, Ben on the right)...

Then, the pumpkins were too interesting so no one looked at Mom and the camera.

Then, we had some brotherly 'pushing each other out of the way,'

Followed by a nice little moment with Jack resting his hand on Ben's shoulder.

How cute are these little guys?

Meanwhile, their sister just took off yelling, "Me! Run! Me! Run!". She loves open spaces and has no fear of anything new.

She did stop for a second to catch her breath.

Here's Dave retrieving her after she tried to join another family.

And here she is trying to steal someone's wagon.

Running through the patch...

This is Ailish and her daddy, Josh. Ailish was signficantly more cooperative about posing for pictures.

So cute!

Later, we headed over to the hay bale play area. You could run, climb, and jump all over the giant hay bales. There were kids everywhere!

This was taken from the top of the haybale as she tried to climb it.

The most fun thing was to take hay and throw it up in the air to let it rain down. Aunt Jen is always good for those fun activities.

Everyone enjoyed checking out the bunnies and goats at the farm.

Katie and Steve were each holding a twin, and Katie is 7 months pregnant. People must have thought they were crazy.

The Monaghan girls. Seriously, can you even tell that Katie is pregnant? I am so jealous!

We really had a great time and we were so happy that our family and friends could join us. Especially since wrangling three kids at a farm is near impossible without extra hands! Thanks, everyone!


The Plateniks said...

I think this is my new favorite post. The kids have such personalities now! I love the descriptions of Mairead's day...sounds like our day too.

Joseph "Connor" said...

I am allowed to hate your sister, right? She looks like her jacket just poofed out for a minute. The kids are SO cute. Love the pumpkin pics!

Terry Family said...

These pictures are so beautiful!!!! The boys are getting so big so fast. I can't believe it. That farm looks really fun ~ I really like the hay area. I'm going to try to find something around here like that for Nathan this weekend. Hope all is well and you're settling into your new life. We are about to make some major changes ourselves!

Caitlin and Al said...

These pictures are so awesome! Looks like a great time! Mairead sure does keep you busy! She is adorable! Ben and Jack are getting so big! Can't wait to see everyone in person!