Thank you all for sharing in the lives of our three amazing children- Mairead, Jack, and Ben. We hope you visit often!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kid Stuff and a birthday wish!

Today is Grandma Dorothy's birthday! Happy birthday, Grandma! We love you and we can't wait to see you at Thanksgiving!!!

I thought I'd tell you a little about each of our kids and what she or he is up to now...

First, the oldest.
--Mairead is obsessed with Blues Clues, so her daddy carved an awesome Blues Clues pumpkin for her.
--The other day we were playing 'what does a _____ (pig, cow, etc) say.' My mother asked her, "What does Mom say?" Without missing a beat, Mairead blew a kiss and said, "Mmmwah!" I pretty much melted at how sweet that was.
--When we play that game, I ask, "How about a duck?" She answers and then says, "How bout..." and comes up with her own animal.
--She is on an anti-nap strike; not a coincidence that we recently took away her pacifier completely.
--She is starting to potty train (we aren't pushing it, just experimenting) and she is doing well.
--She is SO sweet to her brothers. We couldn't ask for a better big sister.

--Three words to describe him are: deliberate, high maintenance, observant
--Jack is VERY vocal about what he does and does not want.
--He has NO interest in a pacifier.
--He concentrates on what he wants and tries to figure out ways to get it.
--He doesn't really care about rolling or crawling.
--He is getting to be a pro at using the walker. He gets himself over to the kitchen cabinets and then opens them to peer inside.
--He LOVES the Rainforest Jumperoo that Ry and Dave gave to Mairead when she was a baby.

--Three words to describe him are: smiley, mobile, happy-go-lucky
--Ben is a rolling machine. He even crawls on all fours for a few seconds. Mostly backwards.
--He needs his pacifier and a soft blanket against his face to go to sleep.
--His favorite toy is a piece of newspaper to crinkle up. He will roll/scoot for great distances to get one.
--He is a goof. He is forever rolling under the couch, losing a sock, getting a leg stuck out the side of his crib, etc. He smiles all the while.
--He loves Molly, the cat. My mom will be holding Ben when Molly jumps up to get attention, so Ben strokes her fur. He is fascinated by her.

I will say a few things about the twins together.
--They love to be in the playpen together or rolling on the floor together. They smile and laugh at each other, even though Jack is constantly stealing Ben's toys.
--If Jack is really upset and screaming/growling, Ben's lower lip will quiver and then he will start to cry. He must figure that there must be something to be upset about.
--They are starting to play bumper cars in their walkers.
--They love to eat. Anything. Anytime.
--They are fascinated by anything that Mairead does. And she LOVES the attention.

Here are just a few pictures of the kids. I love the playpen pictures-- two babies are even cuter than one!

Mairead was playing with her 'boys.' They were actually my boys when I was little. My mom kept them and their little houses, and now Mairead has them to enjoy.

The thing around her neck is a plastic stethoscope that she wore most of the day today. Maybe she'll be a doctor, or a nurse like her Nana!

Some pumpkin pics! Nice job, Dave!


Joseph "Connor" said...

That Blue's Clue's pumpkin is awesome! And I LOVE the pics of the boys in the playpen - they're always on top of one another. So adorable.

Terry Family said...

What a great update!!! I love that you talked about each one separately and together. It's amazing how different the boys are and how big they're getting! I am so glad you keep up with your blog ~ I can't imagine how hard it is with all those babies! It's such a blessing to watch them grow and hear about what they're up to. thanks for caring enough to keep us in the loop!