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Thursday, September 3, 2009

On the Move

Lately, we have been finding new ways to get around. Since Dave is now back to work, I am at home alone with the kids during the day, and the weather has been so beautiful that we just have to get outside! This is easier said than done with a toddler and two infants. So, we purchased this triple jogging stroller from Craigslist and I love it! We are quite the sight tooling around the neighborhood. The other day I was walking and heard a man say from inside his house, "Hey honey! Come see all these babies she's got!" Then his wife, an elderly woman, comes out onto her front steps and says, "I've never seen someone like that before!" We do get a lot of attention. People driving by slow down to look at us and point us out to their kids, etc. Some people actual stop their cars to tell me I "certainly have my hands full!", which, of course, I already know. But people are very nice and sincere in their congratulations to us. It's just a little strange to get so much attention just for taking my kids for a walk.

The boys have found their own ways of moving around, too. Jack is very deliberate. He seems to decide where he wants to go, and then he makes purposeful movements to scoot somewhere. Ben, on the other hand, just rolls and slides himself all over the place. He is never in the same place or position I left him. Sometimes he ends up under the couch, under a curtain, or twisted over a toy.

Mairead is taking much more of an interest in them lately- probably because they respond to her more by smiling and laughing. They think she is fascinating. She also thinks she is fascinating, so it works out well. She is a great big sister- she brings them toys, talks to them, and when they cry she says, "It's all right." So cute!

Yup, that's my son. Eating a curtain.

When I left the room, Ben was on his back under this toy with his body parallel to it and his head to the right of the picture. When I came back, you can see where I found him. No idea how he does it!

This morning I took all three to the playground down the street. We drove there because it's too far for Mairead to walk, and the triple stroller doesn't fit through the gate to the playground. She had a blast on the slides and swings, and the boys patiently hung out in their stroller and people watched. Several of the little kids there said, "Hey Mommy- they have TWO babies!" Very cute. Thanks for checking in with us!

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The Plateniks said...

that thing is a beast! I think you should do a "Pimp my stroller" episode and decorate it...that will attract attention and keep it off the kids! Glad you guys are getting out and about and the move seemed to have gone smoothly...you already have curtains (edible, too!)