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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's a Jen!!!

One of the best things about living in Lowell is that we get to spend so much more time with our family. Mairead loves visitors, and is getting really good about knowing who everone is, and how to say their names. She says "It's a Brian" and "Hi Katie." She doesn't really say hi to Steve, but we think that is because she knows Steve is the guy on Blues Clues, not the guy who is married to Katie. She also knows Jen and Mike. So much so, that when Jen's car pulls up, Mairead yells, "It's a Jen!" She knows that when Jen comes over, it is time for fun! Once, Jen played with Mairead by playing music in the kitchen and dancing. Now, when Jen comes in, Mairead takes her hand and immediately leads her to the kitchen radio so that they can dance. Now by 'dance,' I mean spin around in circles with your eyes closed until you crash into a cabinet.

Another fun thing Jen does is play with the exercise ball. Mairead yells, "Ona Mahk, Gesset, Go!" and Jen falls off the ball. Hours of fun.

Notice that her eyes are closed. Probably not the best idea when you are spinning around at top speed.

This bucket of balls is really fun if someone dumps them over your head. Jen's boyfriend, Mike, did that once, so now he is expected to do that whenever he comes over. Mairead yells, "Mmmmmike!"

I'm so glad that Mairead has so much fun with her aunts and uncle. In just a few months, she'll have a new baby girl cousin to play with, too. Dave and I both grew up with lots of family around and we are hopeful that our kids will make the same great memories that we did.

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