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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How Lucky to Have a Brother and a Big Sister

For example, when you don't feel like chewing on your own hand anymore, your brother will gladly offer you his to try.

True, sometimes you get poked in the eye, but no harm done.
That's Ben doing the chewing and Jack offering his hand.

Twins really are so much fun!

They are even better when they have such a helpful big sister! Yesterday, she fed them all by herself. You can see the end result on Jack's shirt.

She even opened her mouth wide to show them how to do it.

Jack was a little concerned when she stuck the spoon in his eye.

But she got the hang of it!

She was SO stinkin' cute. My mom was feeding them in the living room and the bowl was on the coffee table. While my mom got bibs or something, Mairead decided to start without her. She scooped up the cereal and carried it on the spoon over to each baby. She actually did a really good job! They were just happy to have food- they are like baby birds- they open their mouths five minutes before the food even gets there.

When she came down this morning the babies were in the den and she didn't immediately see them. So, she walked around yelling, "Babies? Are you?" So cute. That is my new favorite phrase of hers. When she can't find someone or something, she wanders around calling for it/them. The word 'where' gets left out, but that seems to make it cuter. When she is in her crib and wants me to come get her, I hear, "Mom? Are you?" over the monitor.
We are so lucky to have these amazing kids in our lives!


The Plateniks said...

I think you say it's your new favorite phase every month! Are you? is pretty cute though! I love the feeding helper! We never have the volume on on the computer but we did today, so Will got his groove on to "Mairead's" music. Thanks for the 10 minutes of entertainment, Mairead!

JSenkier said...

Let's see if I have the hang of this blog commenting now...

"are you?" might be the cutest thing i have heard yet!

Joseph "Connor" said...

Funny....Joey's been wandering around the house saying "Dave..Are you?" for a while now.