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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Just a few random pictures

The weather has finally cooled off here and drastically so! So much that I had to go out yesterday to buy warmer clothes for the boys. They don't fit into any of their pants or long sleeved shirts anymore, so they need all new clothes! That's a good thing- they are growing like weeds! Grandma sent some warm clothes for Mairead that arrived just yesterday, which was perfect timing. She'll be in her comfy new pjs tonight!

These are just a few pictures of the kids from last night and today. First is Ben. He LOVES fabric. He always wants to have it in his hands, roll around on something soft, and chew on blankets, shirts, or whatever he can get. Today, I went to get him after a nap and this is what I found.

He had pulled the crib bumper over his head and was chewing on it and laughing at me.

Mairead is feeling much better. She is still run down and tired, and she still has most of the spots, but they are fading, so that is good news. She does seem to have her voracious appetite back, though about half of her peanut butter is on her face.

She looks SO grown up-- I'm not ready for that!

This is Jack last night. He was happily watching the Red Sox game on the couch and he fell asleep sitting straight up. When I tried to take a picture, the flash went off and Jack showed us his grumpy face. I think it's a pretty cute face, though!

Little by little, things are coming together here in Lowell. We are hoping for a sense of normalcy soon!

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Joseph "Connor" said...

I thought the same thing about that picture of Mairead - she looks so very grown up! I'm not ready for it, either! I'm glad things are starting to settle down. We'll have to get together soon!