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Saturday, August 22, 2009

One Crazy Summer

Things have been CRAZY for us this summer with all of our adventures in moving, living in two houses, repairs in Weymouth to sell the house and changes in Lowell to create our new home. I know, I am slacking with the blog. I promise to be much better once things settle down! We have been living out of suitcases so long that when I cleaned out the kids' bag, I realized that more than half of the clothes in there no longer fit the kids. They have literally grown a whole size since this summer started!

Anyway, just wanted to post a couple of pictures to show you how the kids are growing, and to say that we are still having fun, even with the craziness. One not so fun thing is that Mairead was sick the past few days- but she is feeling much better now. A sick, clingy toddler when it is 97 degrees is no fun for anyone!

Here are a few of the boys- they have begun to 'wrestle' when on the floor together-- very cute. They are 'scooting' pretty well and trying very hard to get around. They definitely are NOT content to sit still- we are in big trouble!

Who is who???

These next few are from our last few days in Weymouth- Mairead has graduated from her little pool on our deck to the big pool at Nana and Grampy's.

This last group is from a trip to Capron Park Zoo with our BFFs, Jaime and Connor. As usual, there are several pictures of Mairead running from me. She does like me, I swear. I took her out of the stroller and she yelled, "RUN!" and took off.

Connor used to be afraid of the spray ground, and Mairead used to love it. On this day, they switched personalities-- Connor had no fear and Mairead did NOT want to do it. Kids are funny like that!

This machine blew bubbles. Mairead very loudly informed everyone at the zoo that there were BUBBLES!!!

Thanks for checking in with us- and thanks to so many of you who are helping with all of this crazy transition. We are really looking forward to getting settled in our new home. Dave is anticipating his first first day of school in Saugus, and I am getting ready to be a full time stay at home mom- the first September with no first day of school in about 27 years!!!


Joseph "Connor" said...

Ooh - you'll have to send me the rest of the pics I took of Connor! I hope things calm down for you guys soon! At least you have a nice, big pool to enjoy in this heat!

Terry Family said...

There are so many changes happening in your lives right now ~ I pray for some calm for you and Dave. The boys are getting so big! That picture of them holding hands is so cute. They'll be crawling around before you know it! I think a gated community may be in your future as well!!! or should be. Kiss and hugs to the kids! Being a stay at home mom is hard work but the coolest job ever!!! We are blessed to have this time with our children.