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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Congrats, Matt and Lauren!

This past weekend, Dave and I, along with my parents and siblings, celebrated with Matt and Lauren Guziejka at their wedding. We had a blast and we were all so thrilled to be able to share their amazing day. Thanks to Beth and Katie Larocque for babysitting all three kids so that we could enoy the wedding while our kids were in good hands.

Before the wedding, Mairead worked hard on a special Father's Day project- she personalized some t-shirts for her Daddy and her Grampy. She is SO serious when she is drawing- I can see the little wheels in her mind spinning a mile a minute!

The boys are getting so big-they are about 13lbs now. Although, I saw a 6wk old baby yesterday who was bigger than my little guys, but they are definitely catching up. They should be 2 1/2 mos instead of 3 1/2, so I think they are doing great!


The happy couple! Congratulations, Matt and Lauren! We had a blast!

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Terry Family said...

great pictures. The boys are getting so big!