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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wii had a fun weekend

This past weekend, Jen and Mike brought their Wii over to my parents' house so that we could play with it after dinner. Mairead was intrigued by the graphics, of course. Please forgive her disheveled appearance- she had just had a bath.

My dad was trying it out using the Wii fit platform. Jen was the coach.

Mairead figured out that the platform had something to do with the tv, so she headed over to check it out.

In this picture, she is looking over her shoulder at the tv to see what is happening.

Then, she and Special Bear had it figured out and they were ready to play!

How funny is that? She is at an all time high in terms of being cute. Yesterday, Ben was in the playpen and he was crying while I was changing Jack. I walked in to pick up Ben and Mairead was leaning over the playpen saying, "Shhh... shhhh." When she saw me, she looked up and me and said, "Baby cry." Like I had better do something... she is so funny lately! We are enjoying her so much and she is such a great big sister. Her brothers are lucky to have her!

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