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Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Pink Tea

Mairead attended her first high society event last week when we went to the 5th Annual Pink Tea to benefit Hospice. The event was held at the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, which is beautiful. My dad's co-worker, Maryann, is a big part of the event, and another co-worker, Carmen is very involved as well. The high tea calls for hats and gloves, so we were dressed to impress! Mairead was able to meet Carmen's daugher, Hannah; they are only two months apart. Hannah was hanging out with Emily while her mom was working the event.

Even Mairead's doll was dressed up.

Mairead likes to wear her hat around the house, even while wearing pajamas, but somehow it was missing from a lot of these pictures.

The Monaghan girls are ready for high tea.

That hat is WAY too big for my head... but the fact that I could get myself and Mairead to a high tea while dressed appropriately was no small feat with 2 month old twins at home. You would be surprised at how hard it is to find a proper hat- especially when shopping trips are done in between feedings and are on a time limit.
Mairead was mostly very well behaved. She was annoyed with me a few times when I wouldn't let her have free reign throughout the ballroom, and there might have been a few incidents when she threw herself on the ground in protest- not exactly ladylike behavior. But then we found a giant staircase, so climbing on that took a good amount of time. Also, her aunts may have given her one or two or twelve chocolate cookies. Her favorite part was when some women were giving awards and speeches, and there was lots of clapping. Mairead thought it was all for her, of course, so she was happy to join in!

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The Plateniks said...

Dear Mairead,
Sometimes I throw myself on the ground in frustration, too. Being ladylike is over-rated anyhow.