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Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Visit from the Heckathorns and other updates

I have a few things to share today so this post is a mixed bag. First, we did manage to get a couple of pictures of Jack's first bath--well, his first bath at home. He actually seemed to like it once he got settled in.

He has a habit of opening one eye to scout out a situation before he opens both to really look around- it's pretty cute.

This past weekend, Ry, Dave, and Rachael were nice enough to make the long trip out to see us. Luckily, it was a beautiful day and we were able to spend some time outside. Mairead spent most of her time chasing Rachael around and trying to play with whatever toy Rachael had. Rachael was a generous older cousin, and did a nice job sharing with Mairead.

This is the double stroller that we use to get around with the boys- it's quite the contraption.

Jack is wearing an adorable little snowsuit from his Grandma Dorothy- they are the smallest ones she could find, and Jack is still swimming in it! But, the suits kept the boys nice and warm for their first outdoor adventure.

One nice thing about twins is that when people come to visit, everyone gets to hold a baby- no waiting!

Dave and Ry helped Rachael with her first time holding her cousin.

We had a great visit- thanks, guys!
In other news, yesterday was my original due date- amazing, isn't it? We have had the boys around for a month and two days, and I wasn't even due until yesterday! We had a pediatrican appointment yesterday (it had been a whole 5 days since our last visit). The doctor thinks the boys look great. Jack is recovering really well and Ben is just huge! Well, if you call 7lbs 9oz huge... Jack is still our little guy at 6lbs 15oz. The boys have had a little trouble with reflux and so Jack is not gaining as much as we'd like, but the doctor gave us some ideas for how to help them with that.
Both boys are getting longer. Big Ben is 19 1/2 inches and Jack is 19 3/8 (they were 18 and 17 1/2 inches at birth). We will go back next week to see how they are doing. I wondered aloud the other day what other moms do on their maternity leave. I bring my kids to the doctor. This coming week, we have Visiting Nurse on Tuesday, Pediatrician and Early Intervention on Wednesday, and I have my own appointment on Friday. The next week, we have VNA again, more EI, hip ultrasounds in Boston (standard for breech babies), and another pediatrician follow up. Our insurance company must LOVE us (Kandi- I am sure you can relate!). This was pretty much the norm when I was home with Mairead, too. I will be thrilled when we can go a week without an appointment! But, it is nice to have so many people checking on our little guys.

Thanks again to the Heckathorns for a great visit!

Rachael and Jack


The Plateniks said...

I love the new header picture! I'm so glad they are doing well, just in time for baseball season, too. I check for updates all the time, sorry I haven't commented in a while.

Joseph "Connor" said...

Rachrl looks so cute holding the babies! She's getting so grown-up looking!

Terry Family said...

Yep, I can relate! Thank God Nathan's healthy - I can't imagine continuing those endless doctors appointments on top of 8 EI sessions a week!

I love the new header - so cute! I love the picture of One Eye Willy too! So glad that things are going well for the boys. Nathan had the same issues that your boys have and we ended up putting him on a special paid-for-by the insurance company formula - Nutramigen. That worked. I am the one that pushed our doctor to try it with Nathan not the other way around.