Thank you all for sharing in the lives of our three amazing children- Mairead, Jack, and Ben. We hope you visit often!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Settling In

Now that everyone is home, we are trying to get into a routine here at the Hickok home. That is easier said than done, especially since on the first day that Jack was home for the whole day, Mairead did not go to daycare since Ms. Pat had a doctor's appointment. So, I had all three kids by myself for the first time. Honestly, it was nowhere near as tough as I thought- probably because Mairead was nice enough to sleep a little late and to take a long afternoon nap. And, it helps that the boys are really good babies. One good thing about the NICU, they get their babies on perfect schedules so that when they come home, they are already in a good eating routine. My guys are like little clocks. They want to eat just about exactly four hours apart. The only tough thing is that they both want to eat at that time, so I am getting good at feeding them simultaneously when I have to.

Here is the cute picture of the day- Jack is still so much smaller than Ben!

At the pediatrician today, Jack was 6lbs 6 oz. Ben has not been weighed since Tuesday when he was 6lbs 15 oz, and he has been gaining an ounce or two a day, so I put him at about 7lbs 6oz or so (which is what Mairead weighed at birth). On Monday, the visiting nurse will come again, so we'll have both boys weighed then.

The pediatrician thinks that Jack looks great and that he is recovering well. He will be more susceptible to colds and other respiratory illnesses, so we just have to be extra careful about hand washing, etc. Also, we have to be 'those parents' who are super cautious about keeping germs away from him. So, we apologize in advance if we keep asking you if you have been sick lately!

Mairead is adjusting so well to all of these changes. When the boys are in their crib, she keeps asking us to pick her up so that she can see them. When they are in their carseats on the floor, she tries to rock them (maybe a bit too vigorously), and she is constantly trying to share her snacks, toys, and shoes with them. She is adorable. She is also brilliant, if I may brag for a second. Yesterday, she totally surprised me with something she knows how to do. She had her picture flashcards (no, we don't drill her with flashcards, she just likes the pictures) and was playing with them in the kitchen. She took one or two of them over to the fridge where her magnets are, and very carefully held a flashcard to the fridge with one hand, chose a magnet, and placed it on the flashcard so that it would stay on the fridge. How the heck did she know how to do that? She is a constant surprise!

Here she is enjoying Miss Spider time with Daddy and Jack (I'm pretty sure it's Jack- how sad is that? In real life I have no problem telling them apart, but in pictures it is really hard!).

Judy sent this beautiful arrangement to celebrate the 'reunion' of our family- thanks, Judy!

Grampy got some quality time with both boys. This is Ben... I am sure this time because I know he was wearing those pjs.

Thanks to all of you for checking in with us. We hope to see all of you when Jack is a little stronger- let's hope it is very soon!


Joseph "Connor" said...

We are very happy everyone is doing well!! I love the pictures and updates! Keep 'em comin!

John and Michelle said...

It sounds like you guys are settling in quite well. We are glad to hear that everyone is home with you happy and healthy.