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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

All Good News

I have a couple of updates to report- and they are all good! First, Early Intervention came to the house yesterday to do an assessment on both boys and determine whether or not they had any delays that would require therapy. They do not! The boys are 6 weeks old chronologically, but only 2 weeks old by adjusted age. They are responding to light and sound, as well as to my voice and Dave's. They are tracking objects well and supporting their heads very well. The physical therapist doing the assessment thought they were performing nearly as well as full term babies, which is great!

Also yesterday (it was a busy day), I took the boys to Children's Hospital in Boston for hip ultrasounds. Both boys were breech, which sometimes causes hip dysplasia, so this test was to rule that out. Neither boy has it, which is also great news! Surgery is often required to correct this, so we are thrilled to avoid that. They were very well behaved during the ultrasound- they didn't even pee on the table like their sister did when she had the test.

Today, VNA came to check on the boys and their weights. Ben is up to 9lbs 1oz, and Jack is 8lbs 4oz. Granted, some of you have babies who were born at those weights, but for us, those weights are fantastic! I have already put away the preemie clothes, and now I am starting to put away some of the newborn clothes in favor of 0-3 months. I never thought they would get this big this quickly, but I am so glad that they are growing so well!

The best news of all is that Jack smiled at me for the first time yesterday! It was amazing- he looked so cute! This was a real 'social' smile, not just one while he was dreaming, etc. Social smiles are a typical milestone for 6 week olds, but I didn't know when they would do it since they are not 'really' 6 weeks. Now I can't wait to see Ben smile, too!

Mairead is at her all time cutest lately as she is saying or doing something new every day. When EI came yesterday she was showing off for them and was adorable while doing it. Dave thinks she tried to say 'I love you' back to him when he put her to bed tonight- I think that when she says that to me for the first time I might just cry because I just love her to pieces. We are so luck to have these three amazing kids!

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