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Friday, February 13, 2009

Photo Shoot Gone Awry

For most holidays, I dress Mairead in a cute little outfit (that Dave usually disapproves of) and we have a little 'photo shoot' so that we can send out pictures. Usually, she is a very good subject, but this time she had NO interest in sitting still for the camera. And that was even after she figured out that this lollipop was candy! For her Valentines last year, we got some great pictures. But now that she can run away, I didn't even get one that I was happy with! So, I apologize, but we didn't send out any valentines this year. I hope that she will be more cooperative for St. Patrick's Day! Anyway, here are some 'outtakes' from our unsuccessful shoot!

This is my favorite because it pretty much sums up how the evening went for us!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone we love!


Terry Family said...

hahahahahaha - You're not the only one! I just put up our outtakes! Wow - that's is too funny! Happy I Love You Day!! Kiss Mairead for us.

The Plateniks said...

I like the Valentine's pictures. And what's wrong with the outfit selections? (the secret to Will's was a music video DVD on behind me) Happy V-day!

Joseph "Connor" said...

Connor still thinks Mairead looks hot! Although, he could have been eyeing that lollipop, too!