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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wow, I have really been slacking with the blog... my apologies! Mairead is feeling much better and is over that bug she had- it's nice to have our happy little girl back! I have been a bit under the weather with a bad sore throat for a few days, but I think that is on its way out, too. On Tuesday, I had a non-stress test during which they monitor the boys' heart rates, as well as check for any contractions and for healthy movement. I am happy to report that all went well! No contractions- good movement, and good strong heartbeats! They have been moving a lot today- they seem to be changing position. I am guessing that they are running out of room in there! We have an ultrasound on Monday, so I should be able to find out how much they weigh at this point. Next Wednesday will be 30 weeks, which is a nice milestone for twin mom!

Tonight, Mairead was occupied with one of her favorite activities- building with blocks. She is so funny- she is completely quiet and very serious while she plays. She stacks the blocks very methodically and chooses certain blocks over others with much consideration. Again, we are very happy about this because her spatial skills are just great!

This picture show Mairead carrying around the Christmas card that Ry, Dave, and Rachael sent to us. Mairead points to Rachael's picture and says, "Kids!". She was very attached to the card this past week and carried it around the house with her. We are looking forward to a visit from the real Rachael (and Ry, Dave, Grandma and Grandpa) this weekend!

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Joseph "Connor" said...

I know I just saw her, but she looks so grown up! Is she driving, yet?