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Monday, August 4, 2008

Mairead's Actual Birth-Day

I have a million birthday related pictures, but these are from her actual birthday on July 29-- I'm a little behind in my blogging due to all of the birthday fun! Anyway, her day care provider, Ms. Pat, generously gave Mairead a doll stroller from herself and all Mairead's friends at day care. She opened that gift in the morning. I think she had as much fun opening it as she does using it! She literally 'opened' it for about a half an hour.

Then, we headed to Stone Zoo for a few hours. The animals were much bigger than at Animal Land, but these were not the kind of animals you could go and pet. Mairead probably spent more time watching all of the kids there than she did looking at animals. This Zebu seemed to like her, though!

It was really hot at the zoo, so then we headed up to Nana and Grampy's house to cool off in the pool. First, we had to take some pictures in Mairead's special 'Birthday Girl' shirt.

Mairead LOVES the water-- whether it is her little pool in our yard, the bath, the water table, and especially the big pool, she never wants to get out! She cries when I take her out of the bath. She has a little pool at Nana and Grampy's, but now that she has been in the big pool, she doesn't want the little one anymore. She also seems to be done with her little float-- she just wants to get in there and swim! She LOVED it when her Dad threw her up in the air!

Swiming makes a person hungry, so we had some french fries for a little snack afterwards. All in all, it was a great birthday! We hope to make her birthday a special day every year, and always spend it together doing something fun as a family. I'll post birthday party pictures later in the week-- stay tuned!


The Plateniks said...

I keep checking for the promised "surprise". You know I can't stand to wait for surprises! Will is also a water baby. I hope they can play in November when we visit!

Joseph "Connor" said...

We love the pics! Connor and Mairead will have to "beach it" one day before school begins, since they both love the water so much! I can't wait to see more pics of her birthday celebration!

John and Michelle said...

What a big day for the little birthday girl. I spent my birthday doing errands, not as much fun as going to the zoo or swimming.