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Saturday, June 14, 2008


Lately, Mairead has been exploring every inch of the house. Today, it was underneath the kitchen table.

Also, she is getting her top teeth, so gnawing on the chairs seemed like a good idea.

It's tough to see it, but in this next one, she is just about to stick out her tongue. For most parents, this is not a good thing, but since Mairead had that tongue surgery, we have been waiting to see if she could do it. Turns out, she can! She has been sticking her tonuge out at us the past 2 days, and we are actually pretty excited about it!

And then it's back to eating the furniture.

We'll have teeth marks on all our chairs!

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The Plateniks said...

Yay for tongues! Oh, the things we get so excited about as parents. Will just learned how to pick his nose...have you learned that one yet? He is ALSO getting his top teeth...I think they are kindered spirits. Plus, he thinks Mairead is so funny, even just looking at her picture on the blog, he cracks up laughing. Can't wait for them to meet (again).