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Friday, April 11, 2008

We can finally play outside!

We have been waiting so long to get a nice day and finally one arrived! It was over 70 degrees today so we spent the afternoon in the yard watching Daddy do yardwork. Thanks, Daddy!

She kept these sunglasses on almost the whole afternoon!

She is still making that funny face you all saw in the video.

Dad took this one so Mom could be in a picture instead of behind the camera.

She's all set to play!

We were so excited to get some fresh air and to see all of our neighbors, especially
Ryan and Eva, across the street, Hopefully, there will be more of these days soon!

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Kandi & Danny said...

love the glasses! great pictures!!! I too am so thankful for the nice weather - Nathan, Chopper, and I have been going on walks.